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I believe that sponsoring must be a win-win solution, where both parties gain something from the partnership.

Therefore my mother and I have given it a lot of thought in terms of, what we can offer our sponsors in return for their support.

My mother is a very experienced speaker and instructor, and thus we have prepared a series of courses, peptalks etc. which a.o. draw comparisons between elite sport and commercial / business life.


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Contact me or my mother, Elisabeth, or download our sponsor materials above if you want to learn more about the opportunities linked to being one of my sponsors.

As a sponsor you can book a number of interesting and inspirational courses, peptalks or workshops in some of the most current and relevant topics of today's business life.

Read more about some of them by downloading the course catalogue above.

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"Dream - Believe - Achieve!"

I thank my partners for helping my Dreams come true!

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