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"Fuel your mind, dress like a fashion icon, compete like a beast."

SnuggyHoods is based in the UK and can suit up any horse, dog, and rider for the cold months! Here in Denmark, the winter is particularly rough on us, so we happily wrap up all the horses in super-soft and cute fleece SnuggyHoods underneath their covers. Not only do they keep warm, we also clip them less than half the times we used to. W only needs 1 clip during the winter, SnuggyHoods take care of the rest!
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"Dream - Believe - Achieve!"

Tak til mine fantastiske samarbejdspartnere, fordi de også tør tro på at drømme går i opfyldelse!

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Besides the winterhoods, they also produce summer models, undercovers, saddle pads, exercise sheets, and much, much more. If you don’t really fancy the colourful animal print my horses wear, they are also produced in fully neutral colours such as black or navy. Link to website through the collage above or right HERE!
Caroline & Elisabeth Richard Bach - carolineeventing@europe.com - phone +45 2819 4543 / +45 6155 5001
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