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Results 2013 & 2014

In 2013 and 2014 I was a student at Herlufsholm Boarding School in Denmark - as part of the International Baccalaureate (IB)-program. I graduated in June 2014 and am now focusing 100% on my sport.

A shoulder injury sustained in early May 2014 has kept me away from eventing this season, and in stead I've qualified World Wyde VDL for international showjumping competitions.

Best result has been winning the Zealand YR Showjumping Championships on World Wyde VDL.

I've also qualified Ziggy Marley m2s for CNC** competitions.

Results 2012

For the main part of the 2012 eventing season I was stationed in Germany - first a couple of months with the Olympic Gold-winner Dirk Schrade and with national team-rider Kai-Steffen Meyer.

Winner of 1* in Gärds, Sweden

Results 2011

No. 3 on DRFs Junior-ranking list and No. 6 on DRFs YR-ranking list

Winner of VA in Neubrandenburg and
No. 5 at Skånske Championships for Seniors

Selected as testrider at the European Championships

Participated in the Nordic-Baltic Championships

Caroline Regitze Jensen, Toftegårdens Carisma, Caroline Eventing, Military, Eventing, Animo, Pavo
Results 2010

Best Danish result in more than 20 years at the European Pony Championships: Clear in both SJ and XC - individual 16th


Team Gold Medal NBCH's


Two ponies qualified for both NBCH's and EUCH's


Placed in all starts from CNCP90-CICP**

Caroline Regitze Jensen, Toftegårdens Carisma, Caroline Eventing, Military, Eventing, Animo, Pavo
Results 2009

First CICP1*


Team Gold Medal NBCH's


Individual 10th NBCH's


Team Gold Medal Regional Championships, show jumping


More than 75 victories and placings in overall national and international competitions

My values 

"Dream - Believe - Achieve!"

Everyday I try to ride this day for tomorrow. What I do today will be the basis of tomorrow - and I want tomorrow to be better than both yesterday and today. You can't reach the top of the line based on talent only. Your attitude and your way to succeed to yourself is also very important factors in achieving what you want.

I don't ride just to please myself. I ride to please my horse so much, that I will be pleased. After all - they'll win every fight anyway.



· Play
· Make Their Day
· Chose Your Attitude
· Be There

What the future brings

After my stays in Ireland (2010), Portugal (2011) and Germany (2012) I moved back to Denmark taking an International Baccalaureate with graduation in June 2014. After that I started doing my Bachelor at the University of Southern Denmark. 

I'm still all in with my riding and the possibilities for riding professionally. And if things don't work out as I plan and hope for, I will always have a super education to lean on.

In 2011 I shifted from riding ponies to riding the big horses due to my age. And my goal is to go 'all the way' and win medals and the national, Nordic, European and World Championships / World Cup - with an Olympic medal as the absolute end goal.

Personally I believe that I have many opportunities. I think I do well - both in school and in the sport - and somehow that has to do me some good someday ;-).

In March 2012 I got an offer that no-one would refuse from Tom Reed in Ireland - owner of the legendary Morningside Stud: Tom offered me to take over the ride of his promising eventer "Ziggy Marley m2s", and we are all very excited to see what the future holds for us! Ziggy has already proven himself as an upcoming eventing star, we had our debut in 1* in 2013 and he is now qualified for 2**. I plan to bring Ziggy to the Nordic-Baltic Championships in 2015.
In June 2013 the showjumper World Wyde VDL from BPS Showjumpers arrived in my stable. He's had a promising career as a youngster, and is now getting back in the showjumping arene after a couple of years' break. He has also been out doing XC where he has demonstrated a lot of courage and enthusiasme for the game.

In august 2014 I sadly had to put my youngster "Stærebogårds Ajour" to sleep due to serious illness, which unfortunatey turned our to be incurable. It was an enourmous loss - both emotionally as well as professionally. Ajour was well on his way to qualifying for the Young Horse Championships in Lion d'Angers, which was our goal for 2014.

In October the breeders of Ajour contacted me with an offer to ride his little sister "Stærebogårds Perfect", who is now 4 years old. She is a very beautiful, modern and leggy mare who shows great potention already.

A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes!
Goals and ambitions 

To become the World No 1

“Keep away from those who try to belittle your ambitions. Small people always do that, but the really great make you believe that you too can become great!”

(Mark Twain)

Caroline Regitze Jensen, Toftegårdens Carisma, Caroline Eventing, Military, Eventing, Animo, Pavo


In September 2015 I went into surgery for the second time since my fall during the eventing competition in Flyinge in May 2014. 

Due to the sustained shoulder injury which has left me with only 1/3 of my strength left in my right arm, I will be focusing solely on showjumping during the coming years. And luckily I have 4 horses in the stable who all have loads of capacity for SJ, so I'm sure it will be a lot of fun!

During summer 2015 I participated in my first CSI and ended up with a bunch of super clear rounds on the fences in all competitions, which to me was a very satisfactory result.

The goals for 2016 is to strengten my performance up to 145cm and the - all going well - I will have my debut in 150cm+ in 2017.

Looking at championships, I will be competing at senior level as of 2016, and I'm aiming for the Danish Championships in 2017.
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